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Webpages NKLT Inc. is a Swedish Web Agency that has been building company web sites for the last 12 years. We work and live in a town called Uppsala, located near the capital of Stockholm. Our websites are very easy for you to update yourself, and our system is safer than most other systems.

We have worked with many companies in a wide variety of industries including the University of Uppsala, the Swedish railroad company SJ, Arriva, Pricer, the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, the plastic surgery clinic Carovivakliniken, as well as the internationally renowned IVF company Linné kliniken among many others. We currently have clients in the US, Sweden and Switzerland.

Some benefits of working with a Swedish company
When you get a website from a European company like us, you don't pay any VAT. You also get a site with a Scandinavian design. This means you can keep your site longer since a classic design has a better chance to withstand design changes over time. Our slogan is for you to feel proud of your website. This will help you when you meet new business partners and it will improve your sales. We offer package prices so you know exactly how much you will spend for the start.

We will design a website that is both profitable and that you can be proud of
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We understand web development

The user interface and user experience is key for your site to convert new visitors to new clients. A well designed and structured web site needs to have a clear Call To Action as well as a list of the services your company provides. Often times it is good to include examples of jobs you have done previously as well as reviews from happy customers. Designing a new website we always take your key audience into consideration. The text on the main page needs to include information about your company and be written in a way that gets people interested in contacting you. The page also needs to have good photos of the products, the employees and leadership of the company as well as an easy to find Contact page with both phone nr, email and a form available. It is important to have some images that represent your company and what you do.

Designing websites for companies

A web site needs to be designed and structured in a way that builds confidence in your company brand. This will increase the likelihood that they will contact you for more information. A web site also ought to offer enough information about your services and products so that a visitor can determine if your company may have what he is looking for or not. You may also want to include information about what type of client you are looking for and are best suited to help. You can express this in both words and images. Ideally you hire a photographer and take new photos from your office and members of staff. We can also assist you in finding suitable free images from image libraries online.

Search Engine Optimization is key

A very important aspect of getting new traffic to your website is to help people find you online by optimizing your content. Included in our website packages is SEO texts and titles that are hidden on the website. These texts are called meta texts. They are a key to your site getting a good placement on Google searches. Meta texts are only seen when people search for something. They will then see your meta text as a short description of your company. When all the main visible texts are written for the website, we will help you write the meta-texts and put them on the website.

Making your site profitable

The most important aspect of you getting a new website is making your new website profitable. You want to ensure that the people who visit your site don't just leave your site, but instead contact you so that you can call them back and continue to build your business. If you are planning on having an e-commerce it is even more important. The design and structure of your site is going to make the biggest difference as well as the text your write. You are responsible for writing all texts to your website. This is because you know the most about your company and your industry. However we can help connect you with skilful writers and journalists that can help you write good quality texts with content geared towards online platforms.

How does the process work? - 5 simple steps

When you have decided to create a new website with us, the first thing we do is to get you connected for a zoom meeting with our main graphic designer Viktor Nordendahl. He has many years of experience designing web sites and creating graphic profiles including logos. Viktor will listen to you and learn about what is significant about your company. After about one week you will receive a first draft of a design for the main page of your new website. After you feel completely happy with the design it will be sent to our programmer Max who will proceed to build the site. During this time Viktor will continue designing the rest of the site.

When we are done with the design and programming of your entire web site you will end up having a beautiful, modern website that is easy for you to update. The site will be fully "responsive" this means it will work perfectly both for desktop, iPad and mobile phone. The designed will be adjusted to be optimal on each platform and screen size. Your website will also have colors and a logo that represents your company.

We work together with you all the way - it's easy

When you have decided to get a website via us we will work with you throughout the entire process. Below are the five steps to get a new website through us and begin to drive traffic to it.

  1. MEETING - Have a digital video meeting with our designer Viktor.

  2. TEXTS - Write your own texts or talk with one of our writers.

  3. BUILD - We build your site and optimise it for search engines, ie SEO.

  4. PUBLISH - The page is published at a time that you choose.

  5. MARKET - Now you can start a Gooogle Ads campaing to your new website.

Please visit our Client case page to see some of our latest creations.

Let us help you build your website -
so you can focus on what you do best

Where are you now? Let's have a look at your current website

During a meeting we can create an overview of what you are looking for and start defining a plan for how you will reach your goals. We will also go through your current website, if you already have one, and other digital tools including Google Ads if you like. We will look at the following aspects:

- Graphic design (UX/UI)
- Texts
- Is your page user friendly?
- Is you page mobile friendly?
- What goals do you have for your business in the coming 12 months?

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How long will it take before your website is done?

It will take about 3-4 weeks for you to have your website fully done. It may be faster if you already have all the texts done. For most of our clients the thing that takes them the most time is to get the texts done. This is why we often recommend them getting the text package so they can get help form a writer or a journalist to get the text done. You will get access to your website as soon as our programmer Max has finished it. Then many clients will perfect the texts on the site and after that decide upon a release date for the site.

Usually it will take one week before a client feels completely happy with the design that Viktor sends them. In more cases our clients don't ask for updates to the design but it's perfectly fine to request changes. Then it will take Max about two weeks to build the site if it is a small or medium size site. If you want a more advanced or bigger site with for example an online e-shop, the programming as well as the design may take a bit longer but our regular size packages work for most companies. During the two weeks of programming we also write and put all the meta-texts on the site.

Examples of websites we have created for other companies

Some of our clients include construction companies like Betonghål, Uppsala City Bygg, Nordklippan, Olitog, and AnnaHus. We have also worked with massage and physical therapy companies like Magna-Cura and Rosendal rehabklinik, as well as plastic surgery company Molding, a local theatre called Reginateatern, as well as world renowned fertility clinic Carl von Linnékliniken.

Please also visit our Client case page for more examples of some of our clients.

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Phone +46 18 490 6300 - Email: PGEgY2xhc3MgPSAibF9tYWlsIGxfbmV3X3dpbmRvdyIgaHJlZj0ibWFpbHRvOmluZm9AbmtsdC5zZSIgdGFyZ2V0PV9ibGFuaz5pbmZvQG5rbHQuc2U8L2E+

When your website is done you need to drive traffic to it

The best way to increase and drive traffic to your website is by digital advertisements. We therefore offer a Google Ads package at a very good price.
It's been a long time since people found local companies in the phone book, today most people use Google to find businesses that can help solve their problems. We want your clients to be able to find you easily online, and then to quickly see how they can contact you. This way your website becomes profitable for you.

If you have a contact form on your website, it needs to generate an automatic message and send the visitor to a thank-you page with instructions to the potential new client. A thank-you page will also help make it easier to see how many new clients have contacted you as a result of a Google ads campaign.

Contact us for a free consultation and ask us about our Google ads package.


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    Annahus är ett byggbolag som bygger bostäder med naturliga material med hållbarhet för livet. Vi har fått skapa en grafisk profil med varumärkesbyggande arbete, en genomgeånde webbdesign samt webbutveckling för deras nya hemsida.

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